Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Been A While.....again

The last few weeks have been say the very least. As is my custom, I take the week of my birthday off. Thankfully, we had decent weather ( ie. no rain) so I could clean all of the carpets, do a real spring cleaning. I have worked all my adult life with no real time off except for the time I was post op in 1986 after a hysterectomy..thank you Lord for that one so I really value the time.

Give me a BSG Marathon and I will be the cleaning-est MOFO you will ever meet.

On more than one level .

For me, 2008 is the Year Of The Edit.

I have edited a lot.

Closets cleaned out for charity.

Shoes given a new forever home.

My emotional and mental sanity.

Blogs I just don't care to read anymore.

Judgemental folk who feel so entitled that they are convinced that they have more than a pound of flesh coming to them.

The shrill, the strident, the vicious, the just plain mean folk out there who are so involved in their dramas that it consumes them.

They have my sympathy, but no longer my tolerance, patience or audience.

I am stronger , happier, saner and just a nicer person for the self house cleaning.

I no longer view my life as either a contest or something to make amends over.

It was a great vacay.

SU..I really am not angry with you. You understand the issue .

As always sweetie, we cool , and I still love you .

Peace out.


Aunty Pol


Susan said...

happy belated!

Aunty Pol said...

thank you dear..I loved the pics of Glenn and the kiddo's. I wish I had your talent..I never learned to knot or crochet...hugs to all.