Friday, September 30, 2011

Potential Christmas Present !

Hey Honey..

You know how they like board games ?

I have no way of knowing if we will get either of their names but this is a possibility.

It's at so I don't think there is going to be a run on it.

Maybe I should just order it anyway and set it back ?

Yes..I am one of those who start the Christmas Insanity early.

Hopefully , I won't be like my late mother.

She was gifted in hiding presents that they had bought earlier through the year, and she hid them very well.

So well that some of them are still MIA and she's been gone now for 30 years this past spring.

I kid you not.


Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...


There could be more interest than you think, so honey might want to get a move on:

And, if you get that, you'll want this to complete your collection of Scrabble editions: