Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Told You I Was Stealing This !

I told you I was stealing this !

I have a friend who is a smart as hell attorney and a rarity..a regular dude. He and I share a love of all things Science Fiction/Fantasy amongst other things so when I saw this on his Facebook page I screamed internally:

" Dude, I am so fucking stealing this ...KThxBai".

Don't get me wrong.

I read a lot and there is a healthy dose of Urban Fantasy/Brain Candy/Trash.

I also read Churchill and have a degree .

I listen to Weird Al, Ozzy and Yo Yo Ma.

Abbott and Costello make me laugh till I have to pee , ditto for MST3K.

I rarely use spell check here but can spot an error elsewhere in record time.

I also have a phrase I use a lot and it is one of the most apt self descriptions I will ever use.

" I am easily seduced by a well turned phrase . "

Yes, people, especially kids have heroes and role models .

Hopefully they are more along the lines of the productive rather than the destructive.

And I say that with a straight face and a self professed love of all things Ozzy.

Because of this I try to be tolerant of their adoration of these vapid publicity whores, hoping like everything else they will fade away to the land of pet rocks and chia pets.

My parents didn't understand the things I read or watched on TV or listened to and that is how it is supposed to be.

It's called growing up and becoming self aware .

But the Kardashians, the Jersey Shores, The Real Housewives of Pick a City , The Kates with or without the Eights, the Baldwins, all of this ilk...

They are still here, in all forms of media.

Rather than letting them fade, they are being kept alive , much like a cockroach's ability to withstand Nagasaki.

Society in general has no room to complain about their existence until they own up to the fact that they as a whole are feeding the cockroaches.

We're not letting them pass away and fade away..we are creating the vacuum that allows the STD of the moment to dig in deeper to the trenches .

I thought that a couple of my co-workers were kidding when I showed them this.

They had no idea who the 1970's photo was on the left was , but they sure as fuck knew who she is.

And these co-workers are parents...yes....breeders of the next generation.

I weep for their tax deductions present and future additions.

This realization makes me grasp that being the age that we are might not be that bad a thing for SU and I , because by the time that ignorant 2.0 or 3.0 model tax deduction is old enough to do things that have a real effect in this world..SU and I will be long dead.

Big Dirt Nap.


Oh..and you all did know that the photos are:

Left: Carl Sagan

Right : Snooki or as I call her current leader of the Vagasil Brigade .

We might be the only ones who will DVR this coming Sundays " 60 Minutes" and I don't care .

We will miss spending our Sundays with Andy Rooney.

At least he knows how to leave with dignity as a gentleman should.


Aunty Pol


Dzoli said...

Keep stealing and making me laugh:)

kleinwort said...

LMAO, honey! A lovely piece of larceny. Especially since I didn't recognize Ms. Right (until you unveiled her and then said, "Oh yeah. But she does what?") Have several tomes by Mr. Left on my shelf. Paragraph 3 had me on the floor.