Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Target hits it big with Missoni collection

This is friggan hilarious.

I don't know what is more absurd, the fact that TarJay really spent all kinds on money on a massive PR campaign in hopes it would create this kind of buzz or that no one would purchase Missoni so let's only run a 400 piece collection.

Granted , Missoni is an acquired taste and IMO , best done in small doses because a room full of it or a complete outfit produces vertigo and or a migraine in yours truly.

Italian knit wear is hands down the best in the world, bar none .

Missoni is for the uber thin upper East side blonde, botoxed Trophy wife who likes fun frisky fashion as long as every one else by GAWD knows whose line it is and what it cost.

Most of us who do not fall in the above description know what kind of knits work well on our Chunky Monkey Cherry Garcia's cheese stick in marinara beer chuggin lives and it ain't a thin weight small gauge knit..most folks call that spandex down here anyway, it's the same effect gracing the aisles of Wally World 24/7.

If we wear knits and are blessed with a full length mirror, honest women friends and a fairly accurate eyeglass prescription , we know that knits are a HG ( Holy Grail) .

It fits right in there with the other HG items we all covet or search for...a GOOD hairdresser and or colorist, a GOOD nail tech, an OBG/YN that listens and does not mock us and so on.

We do not take these things lightly by Gaia..

MY HG knits do come from TarJay..they are the Merona cardigans and shells.

Solid Colors at a price that I can afford so I can have more than one black one.

MY HG knits are blends, silk when I can get it in my size and not the price of a complete meal for 4 adults with adult beverages or 2 -ish at a mid range dining establishment, there for if I f one up...I hike my voluptuous ass up to TarJay and get me another.

The crush was such that it crashed their website and from what I gather it was worse than the Bridal sale at Filenes , if that still happens.

And TarJay doesn't plan on getting more in ?

Really ?

Is that the attitude a bricks and mortar store wants to project in this economy ?

I really have to wonder about that.

Good luck to everyone who got a piece of knitwear or as I think of it .....

This years Cabbage Patch Kid/Elmo/Talk To Me Elmo on E-Bay

Let's hear it for retail therapy !


Aunty Pol

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