Monday, September 19, 2011

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011

This handsome lad is Pirate Captain Modern Meezer General Miles Meezer of Meezer Tales and my favorite picture of anything for today's holiday. Check out their blog at : and say hi to Sammy , Miles, Billy Nicky and The Mom Lady Person .

Ok..I am busted.
If not for Sistah, I would have literally forgotten the other favorite family holiday at the least on my side of the family..and y'all know how I love Bastille Day.

You see, there has been a lot on my plate the last two weeks. We have both been sick with some malady or another , and the weather and so on.

It's taken me two weeks to be able to begin this story and I apologize for the overall lack of's really not my style and I need to remind myself about blogging without obligation..yes lady Lisa I hear you honey..hugs.

And then there is Andy.

We knew that when we took him in that he was FIV positive.
We are educated parents about this.
We have been down this road with Jakey J.
We are there again.
At first we thought it was the heat because it's just now gotten DOWN to the 90's here. We set records for the heat and all of the kitty's were eating less.
Normal but less.
And we kept him in during the day and would rush home to let him out because he won't use a box and his schedule is ours.
He has never willingly used a box and prefers outdoors.
Because of Xena, we have boxes in various locations with heavy duty plastic under them.
If he has an accident, it is always on the plastic ..till recently.
He eats as usual, but less it seems ..and again we thought it was the heat..with the exception of Gracie Marie aka the Hoover , they all cut back a bit
And he's still losing weight.
He has used the box now 3 times..though not in the same day.
And as never before , he sleeps on the end of the water bed on Gordy's side at the foot.
And all he wants is his momma.
He still eats, and sleeps and poo's etc,..but we know the signs.
I didn't want to see them, neither did his Daddy.
The vets warned us of this.
I thought it would be Xeni Gabini and all of her issues , not him.
She has stabilized, and while she hasn't lost more weight, she's trim and not as bony. And she is using the box in her CHOICE of locations and the urping is way less than before.
And my heart is just shattered.
The boy I never wanted in the first place is my baby.
He's bonded to me.
Gracie Marie is more bonded to her Daddy.
Irony indeed.
He brought Andy into the family and I brought Gracie Marie.
Sgt. Andy Panda Pants of The Patio Patrol was a special blessing to me and I have to close because I am at work and about to cry again.
I don't know how long we will have him but I can promise you , he WILL NOT SUFFER.

Meezer Mom, I hope you don't mind me using Miles photo, if it's a problem let me know honey and I will remove it.

Blessed Be.

Jane aka Aunty Pol


Dzoli said...

I hope your pet will be some more longer with you.Anyhow he is luccky to have found you..I am sure you do wverything to make him comfortabel.And for not blogging regularly..ah we all know thereare times that: we don't feel well;we don't have inspiration;we are doing saome other things.And all of that is part of our life and everyone that blogs understands that:)

kleinwort said...

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry I behind on my reading. You all will soooo be in my prayers!