Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dying for Chocolate: Black Russian Truffles: National Vodka Day

Dying for Chocolate: Black Russian Truffles: National Vodka Day: Today is National Vodka Day , and there are some wonderful Chocolate Vodkas on the Market. You can always make yourself a Chocolate Vodka M...

Oh Sweet baby Jesus, Help Me Rhonda .

I love chocolate.

I love Black Russians.

I love truffles.

I want to make these and watch my movie again.


I can remember as a very young bride the first time around ( age 19...there really ought to be a law people, really..W T F age 19 ..shudder ), and feeling so very Sadie Sadie, married lady when I was served my first Black Russian at the Army Navy Country Club.

Now before all y'all freak out on me, the drinking age back in Virginia at that time was 18.

And if your father in law was of sufficient rank..well..mine was and no one denied anyone sitting on the JAG bench ..just sayin.

Then much like the Dude, I discovered White Russians.

Holy Crap !

Damn near nutritional with the dairy products in them .

Screw the fat content, no one cared in 1974 about fat content.

Eff Low Fat..who cared, that crap tasted awful anyway.

The irony here is that two of my favorite drinks are now the ones that I shouldn't have because of digestive issues.****

Black Russians and Brandy Alexanders.


" Truffles for the win Alex."

Guess the liquor store list just got a bit longer, it's coming up on the holiday after all and I am a very "merry" gal after all....snerk.

I think I have become addicted to Miss Janet's blog..


Aunty Pol.

**** ( When the stars are aligned, I have been known to mutter " Screw that , Imodium was created for a reason , and as a good American , I must keep Big Pharma in Bidness.) *****

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