Friday, October 21, 2011

Dying for Chocolate: Chocolate Caramel Apples

Dying for Chocolate: Chocolate Caramel Apples: Today is Caramel Apple Day , and if you've never had a caramel apple, you're really missing something. Add a layer of Chocolate and you have...

Among other things, today is Caramel Apple Day.

I love apples..but ONLY the green Granny Smith kind.

The others , the reds all seem mushy and grainy to me.

Perhaps I've never had a good , red apple.

If this is the case , I apologize to all the red apple loving folk out there for my apparent short sightedness.

I also love any form.

Sugar Daddy's, Sugar Babies, Brachs caramels, Midnight Milky Ways, cream topping straight from the jar with a spoon...yes I use a spoon...I was raised right y'all.

It's been a crappy week and a crappy month so far so rather than dwell on the crapidness of it all , I thought I'd share what Miss Janet posted today.

I really miss caramel and Caramel apples, I really do.

And I will answer the question that I can hear in your lil noggins.

" Why on earth did you have to forsake the all the yummy goodness that is both caramel and Caramel apples Aunty Pol ?"

Answer: Dentures.

Yes, I have a full set and they fit.

Don't believe all of the commercials .

Adhesives can and will only do so much.

Yes I can do and have done corn on the cob..but a big fat juicy double dipped Caramel apple with chocolate on it..nope.

There is no adhesive , save super bondo gorilla glue or some such , that is made for dentures and Caramel apples.

Trust me, I've looked


Aunty Pol

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