Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Better Way

One of the things I truly believe in is the concept of " Trade, Not Aid ".

Helping those in need is something that should be second habit to every human being, regardless of creed, color, capacity or nationality.

It's what we learned in kindergarten..sharing.

I'm not talking about handouts or subsidies.

I'm talking about ways to help people improve their lives through effort, commitment and generosity, for both the donor and the recipient.

When you give aid, every intention is good and heartfelt.

This is or should be a selfless act.

More often than not, those in power steal or deny the aid through the very offices and actions that created and sustain the need in the first place.

The effort is wasted and people who can help often find themselves in the very human position of giving up on further efforts , because they feel that it does no good , so why bother?

Fair enough.

I prefer to go through the organization in the above link.

I have done this the past few years in memory of my late mother and I haven't ever told anyone, including my husband .

Yes dear, I CAN keep a secret.

For Christmas this year I am going to donate again in the memory of my late father and mother in law.

It doesn't have to be a lot , you see.

You can donate a portion of a gift.

I'm thinking about bees.

Have a good day and check out the link above if you feel so inclined.


Aunty Pol

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