Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Prediction

The weather has changed on us again, imagine that !

We have gone from balmy mid 80's and 90's to a breezy 63 this afternoon.

The operative words as my father used to say are balmy and breezy.

We set records here in Texas this year for the worst drought in recorded state history..and if you know the state of Texas to any degree, you know that they are a record keeping bunch of folks.

I've lost count of the days with over 100 degree weather, much less the ones that were over 105 degrees.

All over the usual parts of the country , the weather is turning colder and the leaves are changing.

That is how it should be.

Down here we have leaves changing too, but being Texas and all, we have to take it one step further.

The entire tree has changed ...from green to brown.

Alive to dead.

All over the state.

It's very windy now, all day in fact...blow you out of your shoes windy.

On the news this morning, they had pictures of modern day dust storms up in the panhandle area.

Dried up, dessicated earth so opaque you couldn't see through it like a modern day "Grapes of Wrath".

Check local news feeds for the last 24 hours, I kid you not.

And they talk about removing the dead trees because of the continued fire danger.

And they talk about our weather being the same next year due to La Nina.

I wonder if all the talking heads have considered what removing all of the trees, dead or otherwise will have on the effect of erosion.

Then I wonder if that is what my city has to look forward to next year .

Yeah, I wonder about this sort of thing.


Aunty Pol

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Dzoli said...

That is one thing ..The Weather..it jsut happens and we can not do anything but live with it.We do change it without even knowing but that is probably whole another blog:)