Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When ?

Dead Plants.

Green Grass only seen in photos.

All of the above are gone now because of the weather.

Mandavilla, Coreopsis, Geraniums, Petunias, Daisys, Hydrangeas,Day Lillies , all dead.

I have gone from angry ( stoopy , yes I know because we have no control over the weather ) to sad ( stoopy, because they are just plants) to resigned.

My garden was finally just he way I wanted it. The plants I had were ones that I knew would work, or experiments that should have worked. The discipline had finally kicked in so that I would concentrate on what I know that I can and DO well and I would neither waste time, money or energy on things that were a maybe at best .

That's all gone now since we have had 24 days with one day off of weather over 100 degrees. We actually hit 109 degrees Saturday without factoring in any heat index. We set a record for the date.Houston had according to our Mayor , over 1,000 water lines breaking just yesterday. Streets and roads are buckling under the heat. Trees are so stressed that any recovery that had been made in the 3 years since the ball breaker known as IKE is gone.

Andy is now not only tormented as a double coated long haired ginger who must stay inside during the day..he also has to endure the fire ants that are in the area he commonly uses to potty. Both he and Gracie Marie are still pissed off that we insist they stay inside...

I feel like Christopher Whalkens character in Skylark as he waits and prays for rain.

Any rain .





kleinwort said...

I'm raising a lovely beverage to you as I type (ok, not AS I type, but you get it). Lip tooting taps for your herbaceous babies and sending wet, cool wishes your way.

I can't imagine 24 days of such punishment. I think the longest run we've had in my recollection is about a week of over 100.

Smootches to your long suffering kittehs... ants in your pants has got to be the pits. And fire ants at that!

Quay Po Cooks said...

So sorry that your plants died. I am sure it is frustrating. We have hot weathers here too but luckily we have rain. Hope you get a turn of the weather soon.