Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Arrrr...It's National Rum Day !

Arrrr..y'all !

It's National Rum Day and just a little over a month before " Talk Like A Pirate Day " on September 19'th.

Yes, another wacky holiday that your Aunty celebrates, but then you all know that by now.

One thing I would like to share is a link for rum cake.

Settle down.

Some friends of ours went to the Caymans for their honeymoon and brought back some of these little morsels from the Gods as gifts.

Best damn rum cake you will ever have, and the prices to ship here are not bad at all.

Through the end of the month there is also a 20% offer on the site so go check it out :

Enjoy the day !


Aunty Pol

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