Monday, August 01, 2011

If It's Monday , It's John Barrowman Time !

Mr. Davies, Mr. Davies ....You sir are beginning to make no sense at all.

Thus far Team Torchwood is on the lam so to speak. They know that they are going to be searched for , monitored and observed.

They know that they cannot use ATM's and or credit cards if they want to hide their trail.

Please explain to me where they are getting all the changes of wardrobe ?

As shown above , intrepid Esther is now in jeans with a huge ass bag slung over her shoulders.

Later in the episode, our girl Gwen is all dolled up in a black dress, a necklace I would kill for and ditto for the shoes. Previously, as she infiltrated PhiCor, she was in another gorgeous pant suit doing her best Girl from Uncle .

These folks are on the run so exactly when did they get the chance to run to Nordstroms ?

And furthermore....When the hell did they get the chance to steal the mother of all station wagons ?

Jack and Rex don 't seem to have the same shopping opportunities as the ladies though Rex did rock a mighty snazzy sweater as he told Intrepid Esther to pack up all of the toys .


C. Thomas Howell was one mighty fine cynical hit dude but his allusions to whom ever was running the show above Phicor made me a bit nuts.

Okay, I will give respect to the fact that the parades of " Soul Less Ones" and their masks did look an awful lot like the Cybermen...but..." They've been here forever.."....


The Daleks for Christs sake ?

Yes the idea of segregation was a bit hard to watch and yes...Rhys should know better than to trust anything the government says at this point....Rhys...hasn't Torchwood taught you anything yet ?

If this 4'th episode was supposed to be some sort of a bridge or

NO..not so much.

Quit treating Intrepid Esther as being too stupid to function..she was the one who initially saw the Torchwood link.

You have confused her concern over her family with flat out stupidity....and yet no one yelled at Rex for seeing his father.

Even if he denied to Intrepid Esther that he had any family in the LA will come out..or at least it should.

The only thing that I can figure out is that with all the heavy handed references to family for Gwen , Rex and Esther..this is an 800 lb. gorilla reminder that Jack sacrificed his grandson to save them all.


Have a great week.

Aunty Pol.

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