Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Really DON'T Understand This At All !

I must confess that I am at a complete and utter loss as to understanding this.
When did being thrifty and conservative become so extreme, so just flat out vulgar ?

SU and I were raised by parents that were themselves raised by folks that made it through the Depression.
They grew and canned their own food.
They watched for sales and they planned their shopping trips accordingly.
They didn't buy in bulk because first of all, they had no where to put the stuff.There were no huge ass side by side fridges or freezers..a second freezer was unheard of. You had a Amana and the local iceman to tote your slab of Mr. Frosty.
They bought what they needed and laid some aside of they could for a rainy day but didn't go bat shit nuts about it all because they KNEW that was hoarding , which was GREEDY which was a SIN y'all.

Extreme Couponing is just the cleaned up , gentrified version of hoarding and I just don't get it.
I have used coupons faithfully since I was in college.
We use coupons on a regular basis , ie . whenever we zip out to Kroger and we have a coupon for stuff we regularly buy..unless Peppridge Farms has one for those Milano cookies , then all bets are off !
I have run across at least 4 stories in print and on the innerwebs today regarding the fact that people are out and out stealing the coupons from venders and magazine stands and so on.



And the thieves don't understand or more likely are unwilling to understand that theft is theft is theft. Joe Blow Paper carrier more than likely has to pay out of his pocket for the missing coupons....and lady, just because you buy one lousy don't have the right to rifle through all the others in the pile to grab all of the coupons. How many bottles of GAIN do you need ?

Which brings up the other point, actually two of them.

I try to be organized about the grocery shopping because it makes it easier on me .SU and I don't have human bipedal type children. We have a six pack of the four on the floor variety. We feed them a total of 4 cans a day of wet Friskies..2 cans are split between the 6 of them for brekky and then again the same is done for din din. They also have full bowls of Iams kibble in the kitchen and one huge ass dog size one in the bedroom..and Temptations Treats..( ..TREATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) . Forty cans of wet , plus 5 large bags of treats and 2 smaller ones ( NEED to make the catnip flavor in the Jethro Beaudine size..really! ) and a big bag o'sand was $64.00 drive out...and that won't last till payday as far as the canned food goes. Funds permitting, we do try to buy enough to go from pay day to payday...and we didn 't even have to buy the bag of Iams...yet. Sigh .

I read the Kroger ad every week and I make the grocery list accordingly, with the appropriate coupons in my lil fist...which I hand off to SU because the rule is ..I buy , you fly . I hate the way people let their tax deductions run flat out f'g amok in the store so I pass on I NEED another hot flash .

Now..I don't buy a palate of anything..not even during hurricane season. We have no where to put it.I don't need 5 dozen bottles of Prego or salad dressing. Ditto..pasta, soup, paper towels, deodorant, shampoo, streak sauce, mayo, peanut butter and alike.

Yes, we have a foodsaver and I do try to buy the family size pack of meat ( a fond memory at this point with the drought ) and we repackage the meats and such.I cook a large Sunday dinner for us and the girls that extends into lunches for SU and I the next week because we are brown baggers, have been for years and I cook better and cheaper than the fast food courts. SU does go out on his payday , that is his treat and that is cool too.....but I am not clearing out a room, the attic or the garage so that I can stack the crap, fawn over it, fondle it or swoon over it. I have never spent $600.00 in one shot at the grocery store so the idea of that much for $3.98 is a moot point. Darlings, if I am spending $600.00 at the grocery store you can be damn sure that :

1. It's Central Market time baby.
2. There will be MEAT in the buggy.
3. Ditto the above for seafood and chicken.
4. There will be more than one bottle and one kind of wine in the buggy.
5. There will be fresh flowers in the buggy because dammit, I deserve them.

Now, it would be one thing if these folks were donating to a food pantry , church or homeless shelter.
That would rock and I would buy them a beer or 3.

But oh noes...they are obsessive hoarders trying to kid themselves and foil the system in a failed yet again attempt to prove that they are smarter than John Q or Jane Q Public.

They are vulgar in the extreme.

Extreme couponing is the same as hoarding.Hoarding is greedy. It is being a pig.

If it's the buzz you want like beating the house and winning at slots, fine I get that . Donate the food to charity and for fucks sake , be clear on your reasoning.
It's an addiction like any other one.

OCD much ?

Happy Friday Eve everyone.


Aunty Pol

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