Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blueberry Breakfast Cake: King Arthur Flour

Since there is nothing really to yap about at the moment other than the same thing ...the heat here, I thought I'd post this recipe.

Yeah , like I'm about to turn on the oven when it's 102 degrees outside BEFORE calculating the heat index...ummmm.....not so much .

Regardless, I am such a huge fan of King Arthur I should get paid by them . SU knows this and is a convert to the point that he noticed on a recent episode of " Cupcake Wars" that they were using KA..." Look honey...King Arthur !". I know that it is more than the usual but it is really worth it.

They have a good website and while personally I find some of their mixes to be pricey such as the donuts , but again that's just me. They have a very good selection of better quality cocoa , baking chocolate and extracts plus a sh*t load of baking gear I wanna play with ~ THAT kinda stuff ~ so check them out. On the baking gear , they are along the same price line as and the FoodNetwork..but..again..overpriced on things like their parchment paper. I mean really..Reynolds has a perfectly lovely roll of the stuff and any one..even my cats can manage to tear off a half sheet...

They are by the way employee owned and operated and one of the oldest if not the oldest continually operational flour mills in the New England area. I want to schlep to Kroger for Blueberries.


Aunty Pol

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