Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Glorious Treats: American Buttercream Frosting {Recipe}

Glorious Treats: American Buttercream Frosting {Recipe}: Often the most beloved element of a cupcake is the frosting. A good frosting can elevate a simple cupcake to a delicious, rich dessert. ...

Remember the glorious pink cake from yesterday ?

Well..I subscribe via email to a LOT of cooking blogs, primarily baking ( DUH) and one of the blog mails talked about cupcakes in a jar.

That e mail linked back to Glorious Treats and I saw something I had meant to post so..

Voila !

Yes....I confess.

There is no escaping the fact.

I am obsessed by cupcakes.

Cakes in general , of course !

Bundt...always ! ( Shh dear..I don't to hear it ).

Cupcakes...oh hella yeah.

Here's the thing. You can of course decorate a cake to your hearts content but if you F it up, what do you have..?

You have a disaster like the 3 year old hobbit cake..or Cakenstein as I prefer to call it.

When you do cupcakes, if you f one up, you have at least a dozen to get right. Your index finger can swipe the evidence away and you don't look like you just wasted or inhaled enough frosting to bounce off the walls in a sugar rush..( and that's bad because why again ?) . Cupcakes allow more freedom to play and experiment with jimmies and sprinkles and tips and Oh dear Gaia..stop me now.

Pause...ok..now that I have come back to what little senses I have left....go to the link above for one of the best tutorials on frosting cupcakes and both American and French Buttercream.

Damn, I'm hungry now..and I have an hour before lunch.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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