Monday, August 22, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes

Update..Voila ..crappy photo from cell phone..Note to put them in backwards and upside down honey..I will show you tonight...see this is why I don't do food photos...your're welcome.

Ok...I may or may not have lied earlier. IF my cupacake holder ( damn ~ they are CUTE !) didn't smoosh my cupcake , I am going to try to take a photo with my cell phone of yesterdays I gotta make some baked yummy goodness , no matter how hot it is. I only had a few cake mixes to play with and I knew what I wanted so here was the plan:

Take 1 Duncan Hines white cake mix and prepare as usual EXCEPT I use a single serving pack of applesauce in place of the oil. Add to the batter 2 teaspoons Adams Orange extract, and blend. Lastly add some red and yellow food coloring ( I use gel and a 5 red/3 yellow ratio or till it looks peachy-orange) and blend .

Bake cupcakes as usual, mine take 23 minutes at 350 degrees in my oven.

Cool and frost with the chocolate frosting you love the best...I was lazy so mine came out of the tub.

Finish with chocolate sprinkles and inhale.


Aunty Pol

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