Monday, August 08, 2011

RIP Uncle Harry Lazenby

I am one of those folk who look up family obits.

Weird, I know , but SU and I both learned alot that neither one of us knew. Imagine being shot down in WWII and having a graft from a primate to heal an injury...and having to get permission from whomever for a German doctor to perform the operation. It boggles the imagination.

SU 's uncle Harry passed a few days ago and SU is like I am.

I can remember all of my cousins names on mothers side because there are only nine of us. Grandma and Grandpa only had three kids and they each had three kids. On my Dad's side, I am sorry to say that I can't recall but six of my nine cousins..Aunt Marion was a GOOD Catholic after all.

My late mother in law was what we call of the second set. Her father lost his wife and had kids to he married again. I believe there were originally eleven children of whom nine survived.

Since Harry has passed at the age of 90 or so, there is only Earl, Neal and Aunt Ruth left.

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Harry look strikingly the same..spooky. do get to the age where know the rest of the bit here.

Eleven children..yipers !

Have a good week.


Aunty Pol

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