Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sigh..Here's Your Sign

I am trying to be tolerant ( yes..pick your sorry asses up off the floor, I actually said that ) of my co-workers because it is still hotter than Satans's Underoos here in Tejas and I suppose that all of our little grey cells have melted into primordial ooze..but...this ..this....amazed me.

And no..I couldn't make this up if I hand to Gaia.

Since we are all weather obsessed right now and it is the TWENTY FOURTH day of 100 degree weather, we are paying attention to Hurricane Irene and she flirts her way up here. We go to the local TV channel links and watch the radar loop and or the Weather Channel ( guilty) so we tend to pay attention to these kinds of things . A lot of us are sort of hoping for a storm to hit the gulf, that is how bad we need ANY rain.

One of my co-workers commented during the Irene discussion that she was "not aware" that Virginia, both Carolina's and so on had borders on water.....what the rest of us commonly call coast lines.

I'm not kidding.

And she makes more money than I do.

Here's your sign sweetie,,will you need help with any of the "big" words ?


Aunty Pol.

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