Friday, August 05, 2011

I Am Not Sure If I Should Laugh Or Flee In Terror !

Sistah sent me an e mail earlier in the week and it had the above shoes in it. At first , I thought that it was some new graphic design because she and I do find some stuff to send each other that is ....well..unique is the only word that comes even close to how our minds work.

Oh no...these are actual designs.

And I almost fell over when I read that .


Now , all y'all know that I love all things shoe-ish. I was going to use the word foot wear but that brings to mind the fuglies that only Our Ladies Of Sensible Footwear would wear...and before I go any further...This is not a slam against any of my lesbian gal pals...they ALL know better than that . There is just some gene missing in some gals ( gay or straight or bi ) that allows them to avoid at all costs , the ugly ass shoes that our world is polluted with.

Even I am going " WTF ? How in the world do you walk in them ?"

And people give me a hard time about my 3 inch platform open toed sandals that I wear every day...oh yes I do !


Aunty Pol

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