Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have to say that I am somewhat surprised.

I didn't really realize it until today as I looked over the blog as a whole as to how much food has become a topic of posting here. least I'm not some crazy cat lady here..and I say that with love given the number of posts that I have done for charities and cats , including my own so don't spaz on me.

Yes, I have bitched a lot about the weather , but praise Gaia, we not only got sprinkled on here at the Casa , it rained some downtown where I work.

Grown folk stared out with a 3 year olds glee like it was Christmas morning.

I know that I have fallen in somewhat of a rut in my real life and it can't be helped. Coming home every night to water the flowers in some vain effort to save them has been both a pain in the ass and a heart break for me.

My garden is my sanctuary and to watch it die slowly and surely has taken a real toll on me and my attitude. Yes, I bitch about the work every spring when we clean out the debris but I do take great joy in it all .

Some part of me shut down with all of this damned heat to the point that I gave up and in the the clutter and dust on the inside of the Casa.

Anyone who knows me knows that this is not my style and I do take an enormous amount of pride in the home the he and I have created, but I threw in the towel.

The auto pilot will start again tomorrow I am sure but for now, tonight I am grateful to have been given what really is a day off for me and to know that it will rain again.

Maybe not this week or next, but it can and will happen.


A Contented Aunty Pol At Least For Tonight .

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