Friday, August 12, 2011

Cup-a-Cake Cupcake Holders


Yes..I had to have these.

I went so far as to look at the color selection in the 4 pack and ordered the usual colors for us. Cindy Lou Who gets UT orange..Jeri Lee gets purple for the Saints..Su gets lime cause he likes that color and I get raspberry..the hooker version of hot pink..LMAO.

Do we eat a lot of cupcakes..well duh !

I mean's 100 friggan degrees outside and guess who had to make cupcakes for HIS office..yeah..and for once it was the recipe that I won't even be in the kitchen during production..

Yes..the dreaded secret ingredient can o pork an beans recipe...the very idea makes me go BLEECH !

Have what ever kind of cupcake floats your boat today !


Aunty Pol

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