Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coming Soon: Margaritaville Coffee ~ Let The Christmas Shopping Bergin !

If I paired this with some of the cakes from Tortuga Cakes , I could knock out a couple gifts or more...OK..yes the OCD is kicking in.

Whilst SU played cards at teh Crazy Cajuns last night , this is what I did ..from 7 to 9 pm.

1. Chip dried food off cats breakfast dishes and clean them.

2. Throw the sheets from the futon in the washer since someone barf'd on them .

3. Feed cats.

4. Start Hotdish.

5.Empty dishwasher.

6. Cook hotdish.

7. Clean all counters.

8. Put sheets in dryer.

9. Clean kitchen floor

10. Cook my scrambled eggs for the week for taco's.

11. Clean kitchen again.

12. Wash up cat dishes and stack them to dry.

At 9 pm I got to see Risoli amd Isles ...so yes..the OCD has kicked in.


Aunty Pol

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