Monday, August 29, 2011

Ombre Pink Cake By Glorious Treats

Isn't this the most amazing thing you've ever seen ? Go over to :

In her post dated yesterday she gave the full description of what she used in such a wonderfully clear way , that other than the practice time with the #21 Wilton tip, even I think I could attempt this...and I haven't really done any piping work in ages.

See, this is the thing that I have learned , a good food blogger may draw you in with the wonderful pictures , and after all , we all know that I loves the shiney....but they will keep you as a follower if they do it smart.

Let your readers know that it might not have come out as magical as you'd hoped for, or that you had to make some changes or your oven died in the middle of it all.....ya know....real life.

I used to be very intimidated by all of the food blogs that are out there, and then Lord bless her, Ree captured me heart and soul by showing the messy real life bits in her blog and then the first cook book.I joined her website and posted a few recipes and along the way found links and links and more Mr. Linky's to other wonderful creative food artisans...and the Jinn was out of the bottle permanently. I have always loved to cook and bake and am lucky to have married a man with the same love for it.Now if I can just get the time to put the recipes that I have collected ALL in the 3 ring binder...sigh.

A light bulb went off because while I consider myself a good cook, I am a better baker. But as for the rest of it...people either are gifted with photography such as Sistah, or they have training as a food stylist or the money to hire one. AKA...NOT ME !

If you need proof of this just go back to last weeks picture of the crummy photo of the cupcake that I took at at the photo's above back to mine...back to the top pink cake and so on .

Years ago , I wouldn't have even dared to say out loud much less in print that I was going to try something like this...or play with butter cream because I 'd see all of these glorious photo's and I'd be just all F it....mine won't look that good. . I'd done it before for the restaurant (Over 25 years ago ) but with the passage of time, I thought I'd gotten so rusty at it and other peoples finishes were just so much "better" than mine that I laid it aside . Well that and the fact that when you do it for a living or as a part of your job it really does become more work and less play..and that can be a real drag.

There will be disasters and so on , but I have found that I really did miss baking and other than SU's idea that I am bundt obsessed ( am not !) ...I take great joy out of all of it,even when the SU thinks that he is making a funny ( are not !). Sometimes you want to play with all of it, sometimes sprinkles are just enough and then there are the recipes that are finest in their basic simplicity, like pound cake for example.

Yes, Jeri Lee's huge ass cupcake birthday cake looked like a three year old hobbit made it and taught me that silicone pans are not my friend just yet.....but the plate I send it home on came clean.

It's way too hot to bake right now me....I am really considering this cake.

Have a great week .

Aunty Pol

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