Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Want This Pretty Please With Sugar On It And Sprinkles And Unicorns Shooting Rainbows Out Of Their Collective Asses

First of all , please skip merrily over to the following website..and is NOT about food.

You're welcome. and look at the post for today's date.

This is a part of the reason that I have been on the fence on the e reader thingy toy from hell ( You've never seen me spend money in a book store so don't even try to imagine the warp speed I hit with'd go blind and have permanent reproductive problems me on this one .)

True that we have literally run out of room at the Casa for books. True that we collect a lot of authors . True that we buy hardbound.

And thusly, for any future purchases, the e reader slowly and surely lured my purist, pristine ( shut up , I can hear you ) thoughts away from the nubile textures of the latest Del Rey or Tor sans dustcover towards the smooth grid like shininess of an e-reader.

And yet...I am one of those who would savor the collected reproduced collection of all things Flash Gordon..the color..the layout...the smell of the ink.

These are things that you just cannot appreciate from an e-reader. Much like my beloved Beatrix Potter or Boris just ain't the same.

I miss the lushness of a lot of the old Sunday funnies..the Terry and The Pirates, Brenda Starr, Steve Canyon and all the rest.

All we have left are the Phantom and Prince Valiant and I will actually cry when those are no longer in actual print.

Once again, Science Fiction and Fantasy get no respect except from a few.

The Proud.

The Openly Geek.


Aunty Pol

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