Friday, August 05, 2011

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day !~

Happy Friday everyone !

I ran across the above photo on another blog where it was announced that BRUCE will have a role in Sam Raimi's film about the Wizard Of Oz. Any fan will surely tell you that if Raimi is doing a film, Bruce is in it.

So there you go .

Oddly enough , I have to admit that I was more than a tad disappointed over last nights episode.

Stop reading here if you haven't seen it..go get a beverage or make a sammich or whatever.


As usual lately, Sam has found some damsel in distress who needs their help. It OF COURSE involves a kid, it is resolved post haste ( as usual the kid at no point goes " Um .........Mom or Dad (as the case applies )...."WTF ?" ) and Madeline gets to dispense some of her patent pending parental advice while making non too subtle verbal confessions in front of Michael and the client ( Very Professional BTW gang) of her trials and tribulations as a abused spouse and subsequent stint as a single parent.

Dear Writing Type Persons who work on this show :


E F'G nuff !

You have turned a mature and initially well crafted character into a yenta . Nag , Nag , Nag.....

Because the conversations and revelations between Michael and Madeline were infrequent and incomplete , they were all the more interesting.

The writers in this instance have lost the gift of brevity and it has become more frequently a case where the viewer ( Moi) ends up rolling her eyes as the passive aggressive convo chews far too much scenery.

The episodes scenario is about some hapless asshat who answers a help wanted ad via the net and discovers that someone , possibly his future employer is intending to kill him ( DERP ! Great Benefits package ! ) is JUST TOO STUPID FOR WORDS.

The meeting place is some off the beaten path and of course there is a BOMB ( DERP ) .

Personally , I was more interested in the hatted ones dog, Mr. Pickles.

Michael Westin's character does best when there is a clear adversary to chase...and by chase I mean take more than one episode to do it in.

I am hoping that this is just an aberration and not the case of a show that after starting out so well is n running out of steam....or ideas ..or decent writing and editing .

Some one needs to call Chuck Findley and straighten this shit out !

Have a great weekend !


Aunty Pol

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