Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Confessions Of A Cheater

I cheated.


On....my hairdresser !

There should be a scarlet C for cheater on my forehead.....red/orange based red and not blue please as I am a red head.

I found that it had become increasingly impossible to get across to 1 Allen to get my hair attended to for the last few months . This crap started a while back and it irked me..no I take that back.

It f'g pissed me off.

Carmen Miranda has a habit of figuring out when I am going , and booking right before or after me.

Ok..this doesn't seem drastic I know , but we work in the same department at the same type of job and there is the issue of covering the desk.

You see, we are both receptionists at our law firm , I on one floor and she on the other....I am the senior, but in reality that means little if anything.

AND..Carmen has a truly nasty habit of taking off with little or no notice or consideration for anyone else's lives , appointments or schedules.

I ignored this and or tried to work with this as long as I could because I made a fatal error in niceness.

I recommended my hairdresser to her.

Therefore we are both dependent on the hairdressers schedule.

Other than the time that I spend on my nails and hair, there is no time that I feel that I can call my own with a 45 hour work week and the house and the yard and the rest of my life.

And yes, SU helps around the house ..more than his share at times but when the OCD kicks in and I am stressed out, it sort of piles up on me so I do treasure the time that I have and can carve out for myself.

I though that ok.....I need to find some place close to my side of town where I can go on the weekends as needed to get the do /cut~color done.

Simple enough , right ?

No so much.

I went to Cindy Lou Who's gal for a cut and color. I thought I was being clever with this move because I wouldn't need to scramble with reduced lunches to make the time up , thus retaining my 5 hours of OT per week..and after almost 30 years, my time and a half per the OT hour ain't too shabby...in theory this should have all worked.

In theory, I have no crows feet either !

Now , I do understand that the first time is tricksy, and I was very ok with that.

It's only hair after all.

I am at the age where it's not coming in silver..oh noes.

It's coming in white.


Until it all comes in white..RED HAIR PLEASE !

Ok..caps off.

The color lifted within the first 10 days or so around the hairline and I knew that there was a risk of that ...first time 'n all.

The cut...ok...but again..first time yada yada .

I got my hair color redone a week ago Saturday....and this time it started to lift within 3 days.

And I paid money for this angst.

Remember..what have we learned from this blog ?

" If Aunty Pol's not happy....NO ONE is ."

So....since I have had 5 messages from the other gals who also go to my hairdresser pondering where I have gotten myself to...I did the adult thing.

I went over and briefly explained " schedule issues" yada yada to my gal....she was with a client after all and polite folk do not horn in on anothers time in the chair...at least that's the way that I was raised.

I will go at the end of the month or so, sheepishly to atone for my wanton, wandering ways.

Carmen will just have to deal with the time that I am gone the way I accommodate her .

At least my color won't lift after 3 damn days.



Aunty Pol..with the side walls...dagnabbit !

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