Monday, August 29, 2011

If It's Monday, It's John Barrowman Time !

John, John , John, John, John John.

Put down the shiney.

I cannot tell you how insane TMD ( Torchwood Miracle Day ) is making me !

For real babe..f'g nuts at this point.

And I spent $ to order Starz so I could watch the show..yes..I spent money dude !

It took me a full week to get past the hit me up side the head with Jacks crucifixion set up by Angelo. Okay....we get that Angelo is conflicted about his sexual orientation..but really..the prolonged torture was so absurd it nullified the point of it all. And...derp..Jack's blood is the blessing ? Really..not his dandruff or nail clippings...let's go for the blood.


You see the man pictured above you ?

His name is John D'Lancie and my dear, he can and will kick your ass..just ask Patrick Stewart,

I can't convey how disappointed I am in this show right now . I have little hope that the last two will make it any better, much less logical.

Three Anglo Italian sounding and one possibly Germanic ?


Would anyone care to wager how much each or all of these families own of big bad Pharma ?

Any am I the only one that thought .." Hey lady..Grandpa Angelo is just plain old nuts there so you better have a really good exit plan and or lawyer....


..Newman is nuts but not so nuts that anyone with an actual brain cell in working order might..just might have considered searching him ? You can frame the young and stupid ( Esther) for almost anything and be smart enough to pull it off...but not bother to consider much less actually search a mole..?

Not so much.

Boom...there ya go .

Problem solved.

When this all started, I will be the first one that will jump up and yell and stomp my feet about how Oswald Danes and that Jilly Chick creeped my ass out..seriously..heebie jeebie time.

And I don't scare should see the bottom of my purse on any given day.

Yes..the whole pedophilia killer was distasteful in the extreme..but it got the viewers attention.

There was so much done with that one character that a viewer had to wonder how it would be resolved given that there are only 10 bloody episodes...

And you guys just let it fall by the wayside and went with the tormented gay eternal life thing.

Q can and should kick your ass kiddo.

If not Q then most certainly Gwen and Rhys for screwing up their lives and endangering their kid to the point that ANOTHER child is in danger. I'd kick your ass on Anwen's behalf myself if I could.

If some one at this point were to ask me to recap the 8 episodes thus far , sadly it would be easy :

" Jack has another bad narcissistic relationship and everyone has to clean up after him again."

That is what this show has been reduced to Mr. Davies .

We cared dammit about Jack and Ianto. It broke our hearts when Ianto was killed. Jack grieved for him, they all did, the same as Tosh and as Owen. We cared that Tosh felt that the only relationship she could have or deserved to have was with a man who was actually alive for one day a year. We cared that she loved Owen and although he knew it, he was unable to love her back. We disliked the affair between Owen and Gwen. We cared about Owen's pain over the loss of his fiancee, we cared that Ianto was pissed off at having nothing better to do at times than get the coffees. We care about how much Rhys loves Gwen and accepts that if he is going to be a part of her life he has to accept Torchwood and all it stands for . We care that they want a baby and a normal life or what passes for after Cardiff goes kablooey.

You have made Jack so in incredibly shallow and self serving that he's not even Jack anymore. The man who had to sacrifice his only grandchild for the the good on all has now put his own selfish pleasure and being finally mortal above the needs of every one he cares for and everything that Torchwood ever stood for or might stand for in the future.

I hope you're've killed one of the best written shows ever .

Have a great week everyone .


Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

So how do you really feel, sweetheart? ;-D

Seriously, though, I know. I sat back and thought, "Did I build this up too much in my mind before it even got started? So much so that little could live up to what I hoped for?"

No. I don't think so.

What a waste of talent. *sigh*

PS - You were right, all the food is KILLING me, here!

PPS - Pink is sooooo not my favorite color (even though it looks great on me) but I have to try to make that dang cake!