Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Mr. Russell T . Davis ~ WTF ~ Again Already ??

Dear Mr. Davis,

Again , WTF ...seriously.

I have been pondering my disappointment of late and have finally isolated it to a few , critical things.

1. Captain Jack Harkness is a leader , you hapless twit ! He stood toe to toe, eye to eye with the Doctor and held his ground. Occasionally he had to give an order to someone at Torchwood, and like it or not, it was obeyed....Both Ianto and Owen may have disagreed and mouthed off but in the end they did as directed because they trusted their leader....Captain . Jack Harkness.

Now that Jack is mortal, did you really think that you were being cute or clever to turn him into some helpless sexual carnivore who cannot focus other than to show off his coat ( " Oh hello, this is my date, Coat...Coat..This is everyone...") while chatting up every available gay man for enough random sex that I swear to God if you make him glitter , I WILL hunt you down .

Where is the man who sacrificed his ONLY grandchild for the greater good of Earth , knowing full well that he had just killed whatever part of his soul that he still retained and any traces of humanity .

Where is the man who mourned the loss of his soul mate and allowed everyone to mourn Ianto in their own way with grace and dignity?

Just because they are in the US doesn 't mean that Jack has lost his autonomy. Stop the smirking and commence with the smacking...starting with either Jilly or Oswald Dane. Either way I am good.

2. Gwen , Oh Gwen .....Darling girl....Where is your moral outrage as you calmly watch the crematoriums burn through the night ?I know that your bonds with your family are critical to portraying the duality between one life and the other , but your reaction was akin to breaking a nail . Are you so overloaded that at this point you don't or can't care ? Where is the woman who was clever enough to slap the cutest pair of ear muffs in the known universe on her child as she Annie Oaklied towards the couple at the front door ?. Quit the perpetual snog -fest with Rhys and get angry ! I did love the bit where you and your C-4 blew the crap out of the joint....nicely framed shot that by the way....BUT :

Gwen, darling girl, you were smart enough to stay off the grid for how long ..a year ? Happily tucked into that lovely patch of Wales, you and farmer Rhys stayed low and self contained. Security wasn't your was your blood type. Yes, the world is in chaos, but obviously there are those in charge who are opposed to your position and that of Torchwood..hence all the sneaking in and out and pass codes and swipey the badgey play time .

And let Rhys and your Mom and Dad and baby gambol about with out any thought to their safety ? When did you leap from rightous paranoia to just plain old stupid and thick ?

Bitch please !

3. Intrepid Esther....Exactly when pray tell did she go from Bambi in the headlights to Lara Croft Tomb Raider ? Yes , earnest is endearing and all that but the gal can't quite grasp that big brother will track her down if she uses her phone to check on her family. Yes..they are a mess..but Esther, darlin...did you do them a favor by making the call that got the kids put in the system ..really ? And now you go all commando ass on Collin..knowing that no one dies,,oh dry those eyes baby girl, the Mabelline is running and it's not your best look..suck it the F up.

4. Rex..You confuse me...NOW you're all TORCHWOOD ???????

Mr. Davies, in conclusion, please pull your head out of your ass and stop fucking this up...there isn't a lot out there to watch as an alternative now that Eureka is tits up.


Aunty Pol

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