Thursday, July 28, 2011


This icon was gleefully "borrowed " from Miss Anne's blog " Calamity Anne's Adventures " thanks dear for the freebie!

SU and I became a crime statistic in 2000.

Our home was robbed while we were at work , but thankfully no one was hurt and people went to jail.

The system works y'all.

We realized that out oldest cat, Munchkin aka Nee Nee Puddins was in the area of the initial break in and as a result we were unable to find her for a solid five hours.

Clever thing that she is, she found a bolt hole under the water bed behind the captains drawers..under the bed itself.

I never knew that there was an open space like that not being a designer of said water beds and all.

For the longest time and I mean years here, she would not venture out from her safe room except to slip a few feet down the hall to the kids bathroom aka the guest bath to hit the boxes located artfully in the bathtub behind the shower curtain.

Slowly but surely she began to venture out on Saturday night as I instituted "Caturday" also known as Mommy throws the nip down on their rug and they can par-tay.

Time and additions went on and she began to venture out for wet food at the communal dipping out of the " For Bast's sake WOMAN...FEED US NAOW".

Lately, she has begun to slip up on the arm of my chair for noogies and skritches and generally plonking after the required three turns in my lap.

If I am occupado, she will go over to the sofa where Daddy is laid out and plotz on him....

Damn dear...only took ya 11 years.

Welcome back Puddins..we missed ya.

Have great day.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Awwwww... poor baby Puddins! I'm so glad to hear she's among the living again after all these years. You're a good an patient mama, hon!

Hearing your story makes me wonder if that's what's wrong with Annie. She was always a bit squirrely but, come to think of it, the hiding didn't start until after my break in (I think it was 2002). I didn't really make the connection.

And finally - LMAO - sounds like the sis/bil's old waterbed! Oh, what they found when they finally disassembled it!!

Oh, but wait! There's a PS (completely off topic). I am now a plum head on an orange body. (Well, plums are sweeter than lemons so I guess that's a plus.) I mention it only because my second thought after seeing the new shade was, "Aunty will laugh her a** off!"

This is what happens when the stylist says, "I think I want to take you red this time," and you say, "OK," without asking what shade. Dark plum. Dark, dark plum. I'm feeling rather goth and my initial reaction was, "Whatever possessed you to put this shade on a fat old broad????? And isn't plum purple, not red?" *sigh*

At the salon it did look edgy and cute - it's a great cut but I am challenged when it comes to hair styling and now... well... I'll never see edgy again. Purple without edgy just looks... ummmmm... like a fat old broad with purple hair.

Not surprisingly the change has been greeted with much silence. But the folks who like it positively squeee. Oh, well, only six weeks till we hit the dye pot again. ;-D