Monday, July 25, 2011

If It's Monday, It's John Barrowman Time

Happy Monday everyone.

Thus far, as is no surprise, I am completely in love with the newest Torchwood, " Miracle Day".

I have seen all three of the episodes so far and...well....DAYUM !

Now, if you don't know about Torchwood, just go over to Wikipedia and use Torchwood for the search. It will bring up a nifty page that will bring you up to speed and spare you the agony of re-watching Ianto die..sniff...wail...sob. can jump right in.

By the third episode, the two new agents of Torchwood, Rex and Esther have asked all of the basics..who , what , when . where and why. Granted , the answers are not complex, but they will give a new viewer ( See..Notice that I am sooo in love with the show that I am being nice and not using my usual snarky NOOB here...commence to be completely impressed in 3....2....1..) enough to not go " Whoa..whut ?"

I am going to go out on a limb and say for the record that Bill Pullman deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of serial killer Oswald Danes.

He scared the crap out of cynical old me and I don't mean the OMG Zombies kind of scared. I mean the sleep with all of the lights on and look around you every 30 seconds or so.


Okay...I haven't seen more than the 3 episodes so I can only speak to what I have seen thus far. Believe me , Miracle Day brings up some very interesting concepts that need to be at least thought about ..

EP 1:

Basic Premise: NO ONE DIES .




On the surface, that is a wonderful idea..right ?

More a living hell I would think .

Think about one dies.

The elderly, the terminally ill, the seriously injured , the difficult pregnancies that were not viable...suicide is not longer successful...and whatever damage you have done to yourself in the attempt is yours to keep.....BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DIE !

You never die, but you don't heal either.

At the beginning of the story, a serial killer is about to be given a lethal injection but for whatever reason he survives after the administration of the lethal drugs . He not only survives, he is undamaged by the drugs .

Slowly, people who are observant begin to see that situations where people are expected to die have been turned on their axis.

The only two consistencies are the fact that all data regarding Torchwood is gone and that no one has any idea why the event took place all over the world at the same exact moment.

So you are left at the beginning of episode 1 with a hell of a lot to think about . If no HUMAN dies..and that is an important point, how long will it be before all of the natural resources are gone. Yes, it makes the point of war moot , but..the natural balance of things is gone. Humans die and are born every all evens out in its own way. How long before medicines run out that the terminally ill need ? Food ? Shelter ? Power ? Water ? Remember people are still being born all over the world...the numbers are staggering. If your religious beliefs embrace reincarnation and that is no longer possible...what do yo do ?

The two surviving members of Torchwood ( Capt. Jack Harkness/John Barrowman and Gwen Cooper/Eve Myles) have been captured by a CIA operative and are taken against their will to the U.S. to explain any ties between the event and Torchwood.

Ep. 2

The CIA operative ( Rex) begins to see that something within his organization is not right and after saving Jack and Gwen, he soon realizes that he and anyone who had access to the Torchwood data before it was obliterated is likely to be compromised or killed. He and his friend Esther are faced with choices and sides to pick.

Now in this episode the most graphic example of the enormity is shown and it is what really set my mind awhirl. A burn victim is decapitated..he is burned so badly that prior to the event he would have NEVER survived. After the decapitation...his damn eyes opened and blinked and showed awareness .

I damn near jumped out of my skin and then the reality hit me of what a huge nightmare this could in fact be.

It is also important to remember that the character of Capt. Jack Harkness previously could not die . Unlike the Doctors ( Dr. Who ) , he would not regenerate into a new body at the point of his death so he could carry on...same soul, ideas, memories etc of the Doctors..just a new shell so to speak .

He could not die.

Now he is the only one that is mortal.

The people to watch are Oswald Danes and the PR person Jillian KItzinger in the red coat....

Ep. 3

The Fab 4 ( Jack, Gwen, Rex and Esther) have begun to do whatever research they can and begin to look into a pharmaceutical company.

This is where I call Red Herring..I may be wrong..

The premise here is that they are all team building. They are all used to working within their respective agencies and now have to go it all alone...Jack and Gwen are used to that..Rex and Esther are not.

Fairly quickly they deduce that Rex and Esther are being set up and that their agency ( CIA) is corrupted.

It sounds absurd to think that a single company could do all of this but think about the fact that with the web..the world is a much smaller place.

Personally, Big Pharma is just toooo easy..there has to be more.

Russell T. Davis is a smarter writer than that.

John Barrowman has said that this series is only 10 episodes and that it is self contained so we will have all of the answers by the end.

If you watch it and want to post/gab about it ..why the hell not....feel free to post here. I will update every Monday as it progresses .

Then I will resume scrounging for anything Barrowman for Mondays .

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Stopped by because it's been sooooo long since I've seen my Aunty. Up to my a** lately in, well, just too much. And my intertube time has suffered greatly.

Anyhow, just a quick one to let you know I'm alive. I've been DVRing Torchwood, watching it at ungodly hours, and that I love, love, love it!!!!!!!! (Maybe I need a couple more exclamation marks there!)

Nothing really new to add... just a LOT of agreement.

Yes, Bill Pullman has been outstanding. I've thought he was underrated for a long time (great comic timing, too).

Agree... big pharma seems too easy - waiting for the twist.

Actually Torchwood, Eureka and Burn Notice are the only ones of my favs I'm current on, I think. Big DVR backup. Same issues that keep me off the the intertubes have severely curtailed viewing time, too.

Will be back tomorrow and try to catch up on a post or 15.

Miss ya, honey!