Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I Hope, I Hope, I SO Hope !

Ok..First of All...Sistah, Lady Lisa...all y'all who aren't locals..this is an OLD scan of IKE.

Please do not panic !

I have been trying to get all caught up on all the bloggy's that I read so posting has been light. I have noticed that unless something is scathingly brilliant, that I am not posting on the weekends. There is just not enough time between the house and trying to water when and where I can and watching BSG on the Beeb so....


All day today , my left elbow has been just friggan killing give me a GD percocet ( I kid) killing me. About 15 years ago I broke my right elbow and wrist in a fall that resulted in a double hairline fracture in both places.

Winning !

Ever since then and progressively so, when the weather changes..Oye ! I'm my own freaking barometer .

All damn day..ow..ow..ow to the point that REALLY paying attention to how I move it is mandatory.

As I look out the windows from the office it is black 4:15 cst mind you .It's been getting cloudier and cloudier all day so there is hope for rain....LMAO.

Like last night when we got 5 damn drops...

Of course it will rain..Mr. Trejo did the yard and I really should get out and water.

Dammit...rain already.

Remember..Torchwood is new on Starz this Friday.

Capt. Jack Rocks !

I will be bringing back If It's Monday , It's John Barrowman time and since the Beeb is running BSG..I may have to dust off Ask Dr. Balthazar.

Stay safe.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL! Yep, just dialed you up and did a "whoa!" Hoping for nice, gentle soaking showers! (and freedom from the "owwwies")

Oh, and DVR is set!