Friday, July 08, 2011

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~

Happy Friday guys and gals.

Even though it's been a short week, it's still managed to be one of those .

The arm is much better , thanks be to Gaia. It is just one of those things that has gotten worse as I get older ( shut it honey,,I know your comment when you read this ~ I am still younger than you so nyah nyah nyah !) so I guess I'd better : 1) Expect it when the weather gets wonky and 2) Just take some Advil and rack out . I will have to be careful about the house work and dragging the hoses around for a bit and while this is the perfect recipe for being a bit lazy..alas and alack's not meant to be .

You see, the better half helps a lot around the Casa and he will be down for the count for a bit with this cold. So it will be up to me to manage the Xena issue sightings along with the rest of it and managing to get some of the water's gotta be started tonight as it was 104 degrees here today and while it is a bit cloudy or appears so from the office...the chance of an afternoon pop up shower zip, nil and nada.

It will all balance out.

He won't really be hungry beyond soup so I won't have to worry about cooking this weekend . I know that he has the ingredients for red beans and rice for lunch next that is taken care of..

I used to say that he rarely gets sick but thinking about it, it happens more often that I had realized. We don't shake this off as easy as we once did and when it hits , it's just whammo !

But.....there is Torchwood tonight...yes...I'm taping it so I can watch it in peace whenever because I know I will be buzzing around when it is on..that's how my life works...or not.

Have a great weekend !


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

104? Oh, lordy, hon, I'm sorry. I wish I could send you some of our rain. Our weeds are lovin' it... LOL!

Glad the arm is behaving and hope SU is feeling better and that you don't trade the germs.

And, ROFL, I did the same with Torchwood (guess that subscription to Starz for Camelot is paying off). Plan to watch it tomorrow with the niece.