Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I had to laugh at this .

I don't tweet very often because I actually forget that I have an account until someone alerts me to a new post from someone I follow, like Wil Wheaton...yes....I am one of those. He is hilarious by the way and was very good on " Eureka " last night...so there you are .

Anyway, I also got an alert that I have a new follower and I really laughed because it's been a few months since I posted on the T ...so baroo ?

Ne being me, I went over to check out the new follower..and to me this is weird.

"User Account Suspended " .

Now the e mail alert came in just over an hour ago so one might assume that it was quite recent..or as I suspect , it is like a text . I have found more often than not that if I text Jeri , it may be literally hours before delivery..so we know to follow up with a call if it's a time thing....Or Frye is delivering it via Planet Express.

What does one have to do exactly to get suspended from Twitter...use 142 characters ?

Bad grammar ?

I guess I need to either follow /be active on twitter or stop wondering about all of this because it will give the gerbil on the wheel a migraine.

Oh and I am kittymom6 on Twitter..the avatar/icon is the same one as the one in the upper right hand side of this blog..green fairy and sitting cat..so if you holler at me I will reply...I am trying to be more active there because it's just f'g fun y'all.

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

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