Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~!

Happy Friday everyone !

I hope that it's been a good week for all y''s had it's moments in my opinion.

This weeks BN was quite good because's BN. I won't spoil it if you have not had a chance to fire up the DVR but I will say that it is nice to see another layer to the Madeline~Michael relationship..and even though it was not as out and out funny as last weeks " Does it need medical attention", this will be fun to watch.

On the positive side , we finally broke down and transferred one of the 2 litter boxes into the den and Super Pooper actually uses it so we press on in the hopes of a brighter day .

SU got the old tower hooked up to the PC so while it is slower than is running and he can once again pay his bills on line. I refuse to try to play any of my games that are timed on it because that will just piss me off and who needs that ? I did e mail myself the page to my RPG so I can bookmark that but I did also let CT know that I won't be posting for Zoya as often and he knows that short of killing me off he can write for her with my blessing .

On the final upside..over 51 squillion at last check has been raised over at IBKC..and that will keep this heart happy for quite a while.

And since we all know that there will always be balance, when you have an upside, well of course there will also be a downside.

This is just my personal opinion by the way .

Have you ever started reading something with one set of expectations only to find that what you expected has been set on it's so called ear?

Think Superman versus Bizarro Superman.

One of my favorite things to do is find new blogs. More often than not , the path goes from a blog I follow to their their individual Mr. Linky list. I figure that if I like a blog enough to follow and or comment on it than it is a safe bet that I will like that bloggers choices of blogs to read . This is 100 % accurate with both food and pet blogs and then it is a sliding scale from " Interesting " all the way to " What in the world " to finally " What The Fuck ?"

Then there are the blogs written by people and or family that I know and it is this last case that has me shaking my head .

A family member has a blog that in all honesty I must say is very well written. It is a niche that I am not all that uber keen on but she is good at what she writes and seems to be building a good following. She also has two other blogs and I checked them out and herein lies the "WTF "?

Bear in mind that she is young and at that age what some may consider confidence ( her peers ) may and usually will come across as arrogance to the older and wiser reader.

In particular is her daily need for affirmation as she lists her daily good deed or random act of kindness. The first couple of posts were sweet but as I read further , I got a tad irked.

First of all, kindness should not be random all though in the real world that grownups live in , even though it usually is.


Fair enough .

We all need to be kinder to BOTH ourselves and each other . My late father and I both are of the opinion that 90% of the worlds problems could be eased or solved by simple civility. Then again, I would be out of a job..but in still applies.

Granted, you have all seen me post a rant alert as I proceed to rip some hapless ass hat a new one because : 1. They deserve it . 2. They earned it . 3. By ranting here, I save them the real life experience of my going off on their sorry ass and that could be considered a civility, correct ? and 4 . I like to play with my prey before sentence it carried out.


I don't pat myself of the back , head or shoulder with my moments of anger and wrath. Sometimes, I must post about it because if I don't I will blow up . Conversely, I do not post ad nauseum when I donate to the causes I support. I warn all of my readers that there will be what I call " Shameless Shakedown " on the way and I try to make it as clear as I can that I am merely passing it on. I Bogart nothing for the fur folks in need. The blogger in question was clearly not motivated by an actual and real moment of kindness, her writing speaks to a need to be a braggart .

Charity is charity if it is gently and softly given , not as a way to show that you are better than anyone else. It does not require an audience or applause . It does not requite notice .

Miss Laurie over at IBKC wrote the most wonderful thank you to all of the donors for the fund drive, it was heartfelt, genuine and sincere to the point to bringing the reader to tears of happiness. It was not boastful saying " Look at ME and what I did " , it was " Thank you ALL for the love and help and support that you have shown for this fundraiser.

Miss Laurie is a gracious lady and professional.

The other blogger is a self serving hack with an overwhelming need for attention and accolades. But...I owe the braggart a thank you because she showed me by clear example that kindness needs no applause , the act is the reward and that is all it ever needs to be.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Aunty Pol

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