Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ask A Simple Question.....

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I should start out by saying that I am by no means a Luddite as far as toys go. While some may get all freaky deaky about new apps and so on , I am more " Whee....what does this do ? Let's play with it and find out !

Shiney !

I am a book freak.


Yes I know .

I favor fiction and Science Fiction and Fantasy to be precise. I buy hard bound . I collect certain authors.

Given a choice between shoes and books, believe it or not , books win every time.

Bless his heart, SU has built many a fine bookcase for me because he loves books and it makes me happy.

Happy wife....blah blah blah fishcakes.

And I have run out of room at the house.

Yes, I have culled where I can..onesies, accidental duplicates, the odd series I won't read again that has been gifted or donated where possible.

And I swore I would never buy an e reader.

I lied.

Sort of .

I have discovered that the debate between Kindle and Nook is so absolutely polarizing that it's like Mac vs PC.

I have asked current users and I can tell you that almost 90 % answer with an absolute pick ....and no supporting reasons why .

Not a lot of help there gang but I thank you for the input.

One of the guys that I work with and who's opinion I trust gave me his answer with..tah dah...links that show both side by side and good comparisons.

Yeah Mike.

I have read the reviews on cnet and the hilarious and often flaming comments..trust me, it was hilarious.....and flaming.

It will be a while because while the price point for the two is fairly close , this is something that I will use every day and I want to make the most informed choice I can.

So gentle readers...if you have an opinion, tell me and tell me why ..I really want to know.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Ha!! Kindle for iPhone!

With no good reason other than that I was at Amazon when the urge to try it struck me.

I know, I'm no bloody help at all.

OK, summary of what I know about what I don't have: The touch capability of the Nook is intriguing but Amazon has far more titles available (and that's important to me). My neph, the geek, whom I trust, loves his Nook - says it reads better in bright sun.

Now to regale you with the tale of what I do have: Last Sept I debated getting an e reader, too. Still don't officially have one. While I was debating, I saw the Kindle app for the iPhone and thought, what the heck, it's free.

I downloaded a book. Ummmm... can you spell addictive? The phone size blocks of text seem to translate into speed reading. Really! Add that to the fact that I can read while waiting for anything - my phone is always with me - I've turned into an ebook junkie.

I now have 218 titles. You read that correctly. 218. Since September. Fewer than 10 of which have yet to be read and about 40 of which are e-versions of stuff I've already read but now must possess digitally. ("And I wonder where my money goes," she mutters to herself...)

Of course some of them are "waiting in line trash" (yes, I will admit to reading trash... http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/). I burn through those like nobody's business - especially the urban fantasy. Popcorn for the brain.

But I'd say about half of them are "good" fiction, business reading, and otherwise worthwhile titles.

I'm STILL debating about getting the full size reader. The phone is so convenient and light (great for reading in bed) that I really haven't felt a burning need. I still wonder if I'd use the fuller features (annotation, etc.) if I had the full size, though.

Still no help, am I?

I've been buying exclusively e-titles for a while now. Don't get me started on the fact that e-titles often cost as much as paperbacks. Don't get me started on the restrictive lending when the titles cost as much as a paperback.

Since I'm in no rush, I think I'm going to see what the next gen of each looks like and if Nook catches up in the availability department. If I go with the Nook, I'll still have my Kindle for iPhone for all those books I've already purchased! :-)