Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Fourth Of July

As I sit here, after a lovely dinner with Jeri Lee, Gordon and myself, full tummy and all is right with my world..a friend sent me something that made me think a lot.

This holiday along with Memorial Day actually means a lot to me.

I am an officers daughter, wife, sister and aunt to veterans.

All of the people that I adore more than my luggage at one time or another put themselves in harms way to keep the rest of us safe and secure.

And yet, there are veterans out there who are themselves in literal harms way after they have done the right thing for all of us.

I know that I am and you all know an avid advocate for animals...I have posted the shakedown more than once here and I will continue to do so, never fear.

But ...there is something else I would like you to think about and consider.

My husband will publicly say and I concur that it is absolutely shameful the way this country treats our military.

Our veterans and their familys deserve better and we ALL know this.

NO ONE in this country deserves to live the way some of them are forced to .

NO ONE in this country deserves to be homeless or hungry,, this is not the goal we all grew up with for ourselves, this is not out parents dream of a better life for their children.

All too often, a veteran or active duty member will not reach out because as I can tell you from personal experience, " It IS NOT DONE ~ PERIOD.

They do what we can admire from afar , as we watch those movies or fireworks , feeling so damn self rightous...and this is BULLSHIT ! least go to the link and consider it.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol de-cloaking .



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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Sorry I didn't check in over the holiday, hon... wish I'd seen this to say, "Amen!" on Monday!

Heading over now!