Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Flying Monkeys ~HEH!

This is a form of code that a gal pal and I have for "'s going to be a bad/weird/fucked up day.

And we like the flying monkeys in " The Wizard Of Oz."

Go fig.

SU and I noticed how light the traffic was on the commute in this morning and decided that the mass exodus for the holiday had in fact alaready begun. Huzzah, less idiot drivers deciding that Lola is in fact their MOT ( Main Operative Target)while they are on the DAMN PHONE while driving. This is especially noticable around the court houses or the ball park most days and a constant source of entertainment and amusement for the SU and I ~ NOT !

And of course people are strolling in lah de dah to the office as if they are demonstrating that it is by the grace of their will alone that they show up at all.

Neato !

Now if I can only get Brad Dourif out of my head reciting the Mentat speach as he gloms down het more Sappho,..sorry - abstact Dune ref there ...never mind.

Anyhoo..yes dear co workers, I recognize that you would rather be else where, doesn't matter ...any where but here.

I'd rather be independently wealthy but since I am smart enough to realize that ain't gonna happen...I have a suggestion for your sorry asses :

Get over it, you have a job. take the damn day off if you want but try for the love of God...embrace the idea that even sincerity can be faked.

I do it every can too !

And this is for the ladies:

Ladies..please, please, please ...cover your tits.

Seriously !

I know that the most egregious offenders work down with the bad boys of litigation and that you may or may not on some subconscious level think that the twins will impress or elevate your status here.

Think again.

I accept that we have no enforcable dress code here, I really do. I also accept that for the most part I am old enough to be your mother in a lot of cases. You should give thanks to the deity of your choice that I am not because I would have busted your ass a LONG time ago if that was the case.

There is a difference between office and casual, day and evening wear, common sense and your lack thereof.

Yes, the weather is sweltering and no, you don't need to wear a suit or blazer as I do.

I admit I am grateful that you do not have my job. I am the first impression that clients have when they arrive and knowing this means that while I may have a more clear idea after 30 years of what works and what does not , it also means that I know not to dress like a damn hooker or in some of you younger ladies cases , Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.

I am smilig as I write this because I know you will have one thing to face sooner or later ....

GRAVITY ! all women , sooner or later they will be closer to your elbows than your ears.

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

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