Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday Monday

Yeah , I hear ya kittster.

Today I am the entirety of my department.

Both of the other ladies chose to take the day off, one I knew about yesterday when she had the good grace to call me and tell me that she had some things to take care of and therefore.....

Been there, done that.

The other one..well she does this at the drop of a hat, and it will bite her some day so there ya go.

A random day of this is no biggie...a pattern of this and I will raise Cain because after all, a girl deserves and has a legal right to lunch.

Other than that I have a happy.

It's raining a bit downtown as I am typing this and while I am more than convinced that it is again a case of nada at the Casa..I am glad to see any rain anywhere.

Since it's been 4 months and all.

And we set a record in Humble yesterday....105 degrees.

Not heat index as in "Feels like" but the actual One OhMyGawd Five Degrees .

And nary a breeze to be seen.

I think we busted another record at one point today.

And Andy and Gracie wonder why Mommy and Daddy are being sooooo means to them and making them stay in the house with BRAND NEW FRIGGAN A/C FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE !

SU went to his High School reunion and had a good time.

I had a better time with Forever Knight, season one, pizza, adult beverages and peace and quiet.

Last night was Churches Chiggan..spicy of course and honey to pour over that..hey try it !

I refuse to heat the house up in this heat and since SOMEONE forgot to close the valve on the grills tank so it ran out...yeah

Extra Bonus: It's Monday so SU will be at the Cajuns to play what passes for poker and I have the new season of " Food Network Star" thingy from last night on tape.

And cold leftover chiggan.

And maybe it rained at home.

Or maybe Mr. Trejo got the trees trimmed.

Either way, winning !

And remember guys and gals...the new season of " White Collar " and " Covert Ops " begins tomorrow.

Ain't life grand ?


Aunty Pol

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