Friday, June 10, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

You know how you have one of those boring kind of weeks where everything is ho hum ?

And if you are a blogger , you scratch your head because you just can't think of a damn thing to write and you are used to posting at least once a day and you are blank ?

Yeah that .

It for the most part has been like that this week , hence the more than usual recipes etc. Some days/weeks are like that so I didn't give it much of a ruh roh.

Until last night at the ice house .

Sunday is Cindy's birthday so Jeri and I decided that since Madame announced a few weeks ago that she wanted a mani /pedi for her birfday...we being the quick to take the hint kinda gals that we are replied " Kewl".

Then the excrement hit the oscillating blade.

Between my two neighbor gal pals , they have spent close to 3k in repairs, rentals and tows.

As it is right now we are a car down.

And until last night, I really hadn't seen Jeri to firm up da game plannage.

Now as it stands, Gordy will drop off Cindy and I at the nail shop at noon which also means that I have to get my voluptuous ass up earlier than usual and actually slap something on the face and do something with the hair since I know that when Jeri picks us up that there will be drinkage and then Cindy has a 6 pm hair appt which should he hilarious depending on her alcohol level .

Then on Sunday as Cindy has a lunch thingy with her brother I have to do a cake and all the while amongst this I have to fit in the usual laundry..LMAO...looks like I will be starting tonight while hisself is at the Ice House ( the real one , not our patio ).

And Andy and Gracie are still pissed off because they have to stay in during the days since it's been 96 at the lowest.

And still no rain.

Have a great weekend, you've earned it.


Aunty Pol

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