Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shameless Shakedown 2011

I warned you .

It's that time of year.

Miss Pearla would like you to look at the inner sanctum of the IBKC offices.

You know the drill , donate if you can.

I know that money is tight for all of us right now , and if you can't donate that's fine. There are other ways that you can help animals in need in your area . A can or two of extra food, a bag of kibble, old towels or blankets, puppy pads...these small things can make all the difference for the smallest of God's creatures. If you can do no more than pass it on then by all means , please do so...you never know who is out there that can and will help.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol

Blessed Be .

Aunty Pol

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