Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Roasted Peppers, Capers and Mozzarella

Go to : http://www.smittenkitchen/.com right now.

I LOVE roasted peppers.

I LOVE capers.....CAPERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE fresh mozzarella.


The recipe is once again easy to follow and beautifully photographed.

With the kind of heat that we've been having here I am not going to heat up the house ( 1 story ranch style with a galley kitchen) any more than I have to . I am also thinking that I usually have frozen chicken of some variety in the freezer and if pressed could be baked off and cut into strips of Chicken doesn't take that long to bake . Throw the above with the chicken in a salad ...or over pasta....maybe..probably..most likely. Also..throw this on a hogie with some chicken or beef ( like I won the lottery..hahahah)..and melt the cheeze....oh yeah.

Is it a wonder that I am now starvin Marvin..hee hee.


As a bonus, there is going to be a Smitten Kitchen cookbook in the spring of 2012 .

Go to : for details


Aunty Pol

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