Monday, June 06, 2011

Information We Can All Use

Everyone knows that I read almost everything. My interests are so far flung that I have been told that it is as if the Library of Congress has Tourettes Syndrome.

I take that as a compliment by the way ,

I have a new blog for you to check out should you be so inclined.


It's not a blog about cats or cooking or baking or my usual frivolity.....or Bruce Campbell.

I have always been curious about the whys of something, specifically why did this happen.

We all think that we know what a fraud is and in a simple way , we do.

While I am not going to point any fingers, I will put my magic eight ball up against any Gypsy fortune teller any day of the week.

Gene is a writer who has the gift of writing as if he is having a conversation with you over a beverage or a meal or both.

It's interesting , informative, funny, and at times and makes you go " Huh...I did not know that ."

Which is also pretty much the definition of why I often choose to read what I do.

Check it out.

And now back to our regularly programmed mayhem.


Aunty Pol

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