Friday, June 03, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

I'm sorry to have been awol kids, but the old sinus/migraine monster hit me again....

It's getting very , very old.

I think it is a combo platter of the pollen and the ungawdly heat down here in Tejas. We actually broke a record yesterday when the temp hit 100 degrees. Not the heat index mind you , the actual real friggan temperature.

Shoot my ass now and get it over with .

Over 4 months since we've had any rain.


Andy and Gracie Marie have to stay in during the day now and are let out after dark when it is less ohmahgawd hot. Never fear, they do not wander off, they are lazy like that and so we are not worried. Andy would most likely prefer to stay in and that would be fine as soon as the young man LEARNS TO USE THE DAMN BOXES ! We have 3 of theem you see so it's not as if he is in line at Cafe Adobe waiting to get in there.

We are trying to be careful about the watering as best we can because of the $$$ , and I am certain that sometime this month the rationing will begin.

And then there are the trees.

We have a shitload of them in the front yard. Oaks and pines both.

They are over 30 years old and once again they are so overgrown that they are killing the grass in the front yard. So I get to do the least favorite thing I can think of and take money out of savings so that Mr. Trejo can trim them. Besides the grass thing and the HOA bitching about it is the fact that I am convinced that it is not a mater of if but when we get hit by a storm and the possibility that the trees will snap due to dryness and f up the roof ( higher deductible than the cost of the pruning FYI ) is more than I care to risk.

I know better than to make that sort of dumb ass decision.

On the up side, I am now the proud owner of seasons 1 and 2 of " Forever Knight " .


Trivia buff alert...For those of you who have seen the " Good Witch " movies on lifetime..Catherine Disher is the woman who played the part of Martha Tinsdale, the mayors wife. She also played the whole series as M.E. Natalie Lambert on Forever Knight on all 3 seasons learned something !

Hisself will be as his HS reunion this weekend, so I have a plan...Nick, Nick and more Nick Knight ! I have been to his reunion before mumble of years ago and I'd rather watch paint dry it is sooooooo boring for the spouse/guest/victim.

Not only no but hell no.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

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Tara Lea said...

I just have to say that you make my Friday (every Friday) by posting lovely pictures of Bruce Campbell. I heart him so much. I heart Burn Notice even more!