Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday..What Again ? Didn't We Just Do This ?

I refuse to get mah hopes up for rain....again.

Friday night was a bit tense as we figured out exactly where the wild fires were over off of Aldine Westfield..while they were not that close to the Casa, Jeri's daughter in laws mother lives smack dab in the middle of that area so calls abounded.

Elaine is fine btw.

It was a good weekend but a rather odd one.

In the first place , SU abstained from the Ice House.

I know...Ruh Roh!

He does that from time to time just to freak me out with his spontaneity ..I let him think what he wants.

Saturday it was chores and haircuts ( him) Kroger and so on .

SU then informs me that he has to fix the commode in the master bath so thanks for the heads up honey...the fact that it was on plastic in sections on the floor gave me no clue....just kidding.

Except...when you see your spouse go down the hallway with one hammer and commence the bangitty bangitty...then you see him reverse back down the hall to repeat the fetching of yet a bigger realize that 3 pm is not too early to start the adult beverage service on the patio . Screw the heat, there is a fan out there and I was not sure as to whether I actually wanted to see any of this or not.

But being the good wifey that I am I funded his afternoon run to the Ice House .

And the repairs were completed.

Plus the knowledge that we really have to gut both bathrooms next year..Le Sigh.

Other than me losing what little mind I have left and deciding that we needed Cupcakes By Gawd...Why is it when the weather is this hot that I decide to make a double batch of Hot dish and then the Cajun pork and Spanish Rice...?

Yeah..the brain melted.

But it was good.

And I only burned myself once and not badly...Note to self: If you use the oven safe pan for the pork..oven safe means all the bits of it will be hot coming out of the oven...just because y0u place it on the stove top doesn't mean that the Safety Unicorn will immediately render the handle safe to touch !

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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