Monday, June 27, 2011

I Scream , You Scream..We All Scream For Ice Cream..And Then Rail At The Gods of Lactose Issues !

Dear Ice Cream,

I have loved you all my life.

Even when Mom got the same damn flavor from the commissary for months on end..( Chocolate with Marshmallow swirl in it) ..I still loved you because I knew if we bitched that Mom would reply and rightly so.." Fine...I won't buy any then ."

We weren't completely stupid you see.

Dairy Queen soft serve with the chocolate dip , Creamsickles, name it, I loved it.

I will forever associate Butter Brickle and Hershey's syrup with Minnesota circa 1968 and my grandparents. I think this is the only kind Grandma bought while we lived at the Parsonage with them...can't find it here, and sorry , Butter Pecan is not the same.

Dryers, Ben and Jerry's, name it , I've tried them.

One if the sites I follow is

And she is having a contest that I have entered..yup ..for that beauty you see above.

Check her website out , you know your Aunty Pol won't steer you wrong.

AND....if you believe in irony as I do or am a dyed in the wool cynic at times as I am...

Yes..the woman with lactose tolerance issues is entering a contest for an ice cream maker...LMAO !

I'm doing it for SU you see ( wink wink) because that man loves him some Blue Bell.

Aren't I the best wifey ?

Have a great week !


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

*Snort* Lactose intolerance? A functioning lower gastro-intestinal system is highly overrated, IMHO.

Spent my teen years working in an ice cream shop (real thing... home made with seasonal fruit even - hulled many a strawberry and stoned many a peach).