Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worn Out

I am just worn out, tuckered, spent, used up, wrung out and burnt.

No , not sun burnt tho that would have been the more logical answer.

Something very weird happened Monday.

I had a headache that wouldn't quit, even after some fairly good OC drugs from Nee Nee. I didn't think too much of it and should have.

The first oddity is that I only managed to finish half my Otto's cheeseburger and did NOT touch the our house this counts as a sigh of the end times .

You have to know how big a ho I am for french fries...yesindeedydo I am, you bettcha .

We needed to stop at Kroger for a few things and while I was out in the car , having had a smoke..I know, I know...I began to feel really oh shit do not heave in your car with the leather interior kind of sick.


Thankfully SU wasn't long so we could beat feet to the casa.

I washed my face , and crawled into the water bed.

Where I stayed till yesterday morning.

IN BED BY 7:15 PM.


And I stayed there.

I guess the heat has finally gotten to me.

I did far more than my usual running around with the girls and yes..there was adult beverages involved...but again..there was food also and for the most part we were indoors.

I was and am very careful about when I am out during the day to water etc because I know that it is both wasteful of the water and just plain stoopy to be out in the heat watering.

I drink water all damn day long at the office and I do try at home and know I need to drink more just water or ice water at the casa .


Once again my body smacks me up side the head with the reminder:

" IDIOT- YOU are not 18 anymore."

Have a safer week than I did cause I'm an idgit .


Aunty Pol

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