Monday, June 27, 2011

Chocolate Orange Blossom Cake

Today is national Orange Blossom Day....NO...I am not making this up .

Go over to ....and read today's post.

The original recipe is from Woman's Day magazine 2007 and you can use a devils food cake mix..I use almost exclusively Duncan Hines and substitute single serve apple sauce for any time 1/2 cup oil is called for. It's so much a habit I don't even stop to consider not doing it...and NO..really y''s not a health issue ( have you ever seen me post anything diet ? I openly refer to my voluptuous ass here )'s just that SU and I have found that the apple sauce keeps a cake moister than the oil.

As usual I digress..

You can find Fluff online if your local grocer doesn't carry it :

and OMG...they have raspberry flavor available on line.

Le Sigh .


Aunty Pol

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

But I do do cakes. Damn you woman!

And I love orange and chocolate. Cupboard always has Giradelli dark choc brownie mix into which I can throw grated orange rind or extract for an almost instant fix. *Sigh* Speaking of orange... the orange body under my lemon head is about to become even more rotund.

Damn you woman!

(I am hereby tempted to give up trying to catch up on your posts in the interests of what little figure I have left.)