Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Upcoming Fund Raiser ~ Shameless Shakedown Alert ! ~

I am jumping the gun yet again this year...quelle surprise.

The top photo is from last years fundraiser for the annual " Dog A Thon" fundraiser for the Humane Society of Tacoma/Pierce County.

Miss Laurie Cinotto, blogger Goddess of the known Universe fosters kittens until they can be placed in their forever homes and is the human caregiver for Miss Charlene Butterbean . Her blog is : and you have heard me refer to them before .

Miss Laurie works for the fundraiser in her little that she has spare time and it's not just for's for cats, kittens, fosters and so on.

Even though I live in Houston, I support this fundraiser along with my local

Wait for it....



You know it's coming.

If you can afford even a dollar, that's great.

If you cannot, that's fine too..the economy is really hard right now, we all know that . But..if you can't right now, in the future when you can..donate a buck or 2 to the jar at Petsmart for their Banfield charities....take your gently worn towels to the shelters or humane society...drop of a can or a bag of dry for these places if you can.


Go to www.ittybittykittycommittee for more details and updates .

Operators are standing by.


Aunty Pol

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