Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Two Pence Worth

I find the hypocrisy surrounding the Royal wedding too hilarious for words.

And don't tell me " Why gracious me Pol, what wedding ? "

There was an article in todays WSJ that pretty much summed it up. It hi lighted the absurd double standard about a upper middle class family having the audacity to think themselves fit to marry into the House of Windsor .

Going back to Alfred the Great, or further to Cerdic of Wessex ( 519 - 534) ...there have always been those who sought to rule through force of arms. Who ever had the bigger army, treasury or balls usually won...and the kingdom was ruled and then passed down until someone else with a bigger army , treasury and or set of balls rode in and called " Dibs".

And so on.

These men were self made men who became self made rulers. By and large, conquest is not some noble self sacrificing act, nor is it mandated by a religious directive. A " Holy War" is a contradiction in terms to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

You conquer lands because they have what you need. Land., food , sea access, potential work force..what ever..and wars cost money.

Have you ever heard of a Monarch or ruler declaring that the war that he feels entitled to launch was being paid for from that same Monarch or rulers own pocket ?

Really ?

Conquest is paid for in coin and blood by those that are ruled. Taxes are raised, necessary goods are produced or seized and everyone but the ruler and his family foot the bill.

It is after all good to be king.

After the dust settles and treaties are made, any ruler who wants to keep his ass firmly planted in the chair which is just slightly better than anyone elses will reward those who supported his quest with something..usually not vast sums of money because war can bankrupt Treasury's. Unless you are some other Grand High Poobah that the winning ruler wants to keep happy and therefore outwardly docile , you don't offer your daughters unless you have a bunch of them to auction off. And that's what it auction. Those lucky ladies are to be held in check for some worthy soul equal in status. Even though you gave monies and whatever else, the King wants to keep the blood line he has pure thus cementing his right to be king.

Supporting your monarch thusly is the oldest and most sure fire way of elevating your status and your families status. Remember , there is no middle class here and you are either rich or not. If you are enterprising, you move forward..if not..see ya.

So here you are..lucky bastard, you've been given a land grant and some nifty title.." Why You're The Duke Of Earl ! "..and you pass it on. Once elevated you quickly forget that Grandpa and your Daddy were farmers or blacksmiths or what ever. Within three generations at the most, your have become a part of that which shall be known as the nobility. Family histories will be written to glorify your name and crest..because some one a generation or two in the past showed some initiative and enterprise..Or they made the best of being told to cough whatever up in the name of the are set for life bucko.

Think about that for a minute.

You have elevated your status and been rewarded.

Good for you .

That is the way most people are, they hopefully want to better themselves to help their families and community at large prosper. Those who want to grab all they can with both hands usually lose it within three generations. In America , we call this " Society"..We applaud success but forget that everyone started out somewhere back down the line.

Miss Middletons parents started their company during the Thatcher era, during a horrid recession where tax incentives were given to promote small business growth. We forget because we are so comfortable with web based businesses that they haven't really been around for more than 30 years at the most. Her parents created a better life for themselves and their children, sent the children to good schools, paid taxes and pretty much did what we all want to be able to do in our lives and our families lives.

And this makes them " Common ?".

I do wish that some of the more vocal and shallow would have the balls to research their own family history to see who got ahead because of bribery ( marriage , affairs or otherwise) monetary gain , land grant ( generating tax income for the crown lets not forget ) or simply because some umpty ump years ago great uncle Alfred sold his herd of pigs to the crown for a bargain price.

It was nice to see at least one article calling shenanigans about this double standard bullshit..and it was the Wall Street Journal of all thing.


Aunty Pol

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