Friday, April 29, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

And Happy Arbor day !

There is not a whole lot going on this week which is fine with me because in my experience , a lot of the time when there is a lot of stuff going's hitting the fan.

At least in my life...LOL.

We don't really have any fabulous plans for the weekend..I'd faint if we did..that's not how we are .

I plan on REALLY cleaning the den carpet and giving both big and little red a hair cut.

The carpet is self explanatory.

Big red and little red ?

No..get your minds out of the gutter.

Big red is a climbing rose that we got from SU's sister.

Her mother in law had planted it at their former house .

SU's sister and her husband bought the house where SU's brother in law had grown up so this rose had to be at least 40 years old.

SU's sister had no use for it .

It was one of those things that you could cut to the ground and it would come back.

SU and I took it home and planted it in the bed in the front of the house.

We almost did it in.

At the time the front yard was shade more than sun , so we moved it to the side of the house and it took off. SU built it a sturdy He Man Master of the Universe trellis. After a few years it split in 2. Another trellis was built.

Due to the winter we had, we never did the annual pruning and that thing is out of control. I need to cut it back to a manageable size but I need some help with that.

I mentioned this to SU and asked him:

" So you REALLY want me to get up on the ladder and do this ? "

" Me ? "

" Okaaay ."

When we first started this , we had 3 dozen rose bushes, I counted them.

Due to extremes in weather, ( Tropical depression Allison , Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike) or age...well...we are down to 18 or so.

All but 7 of them are climbers.


Have a great weekend .


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Been away a while, and you've been a prolific poster... so just hugs and grins, honey!

Oh, PS, Lessa was the first I saw brave stinky goodness. I won't mention that I have yet to see her use the baby litter box, but she's got eating litter and peeing beside it down pat. ;-D